CARBICA, the Caribbean Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives

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Carbica is a part of a bigger network, the International Council on Archives (ICA) which works closely with UNESCO. ICA has more than 1700 members in over 180 countries, which makes it truly international. The Caribbean Branch of the ICA (Carbica) has 4 categories of memberships:

  1. National archives: 20 members; 
  2. Institutions responsible for country’s archives: 7 members; 
  3. Other institutions and organizations: 3 members; 
  4. Individuals: 4 members.



Carbica’s constitution states its purposes as follows:

The association exists:

  1. to establish, maintain and strengthen relations between institutions and individuals concerned with the custody, organization and administration of archives in the Caribbean area; 
  2. to foster co-operation between all institutions, professional bodies and persons who are concerned with the custody, the administration, the organization or the use of archives; 
  3. to promote all measures for the preservation of all material of documentary value and, to this end, to make practical recommendations to the authorities of Caribbean countries; 
  4. to study problems concerned with the preservation of archives in tropical countries;
  5. to encourage the description of archival material and to facilitate the exchange of information relating to archives and to act in ways which make material in Caribbean archives more widely known; 
  6. to encourage in all countries in the Caribbean the establishment of archives and to promote the professional training of archivists in the Caribbean region; 
  7. to promote the more frequent use of archives and to encourage greater ease of access to archival material;
  8. to hold periodically a Caribbean Archives Conference; 
  9. to contribute to a better mutual understanding among the peoples of the Caribbean; 
  10. to develop or recommend professional and institutional standards to improve the quality and consistency of Caribbean archives; 
  11. to promote the implementation of records management programs in whatever media in the various Caribbean countries.


Goals and priorities

Carbica’s goals and priorities for 2010-2014 are:

  1. Strengthen the professional competence of members and give a consistent level, especially vis-à-vis contemporary issues in the following areas: archival preservation from natural hazards, archives and information technology (digitization, electronic records)
  2. Create a truly professional solidarity between institutions and individual members of CARBICA through shared communication tools (website, newsletter), exchanges of experience and expertise, sharing of certain means or procedures particularly in the field of access and of disaster-preparedness
  3. Contribute significantly to the promotion of archives and consideration by policy makers of the role of archival institutions and their needs


Executive Committee

Carbica’s Executive Committee for the years 2010-2014 is represented by:

Dominique TAFFIN (France) as President
Rita TJIEN-FOOH (Suriname) as Vice President
T. Cheryl SYLVESTER (Grenada) as Secretary
Karla HAYWARD (Bermuda) as Treasurer
Avril BELFON (Trinidad & Tobago) as Executive Member
Cherri-Ann BECKLES (Barbados) as Executive Member
Susan Laura LUGO (U.S. Virgin Islands) as Executive Member
Helena LEONCE (Trinidad & Tobago) as Executive Member
Nolda C. RÖMER-KENEPA (Curacao) as Executive Member


The Executive Committee has chosen “Communication with members” as their priority for the upcoming years. Here for the region is divided up among the members of the Executive Committee. Each member of the Executive Committee is responsible for informing the institutions and individuals in their assigned countries of activities of CARBICA and encouraging them to participate in the activities. The division is as follows:

Victoria Borg O’Flaherty : Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis
Margot Thomas : Antigua, Guyana, St. Lucia, St Vincent
Charles Gibson : Bermuda, Cayman, Belize
Nolda Römer-Kenepa : Aruba, Cuba, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Surinam
Dominique Taffin : French Guiana, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique
Sheryl Sylvester : St. George's Grenada
Sharon Alexander-Gooding : Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica
Elaine Toote : Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos


Contacts are to be maintained for duration of the Executive Committee term of office 2010-2014. Tasks for all Executive members are:

    1. To contact members, to collect information of their activities 
    2. To exchange information among members 
    3. To accept new applications and to take note of resignations 
    4. To promote CARBICA and encourage also institutions such as universities, professional organizations and individuals to become member of CARBICA 
    5. To promote use of the e-mail and to react on e-mail messages.
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