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Digitization in practice: Fundamental technical and quality requirements for a digitization project

Suriname English session 26 - 28 February 2014

Instructor :

Mr. John Taylor (Representative of ICAM Archive Systems- UK)

Assisted by Effendy Karto and Stuart Hofwijks

(National Archives of Suriname)


Arrival participants: Tuesday February 25, 2014

Departure participants: Sunday March 1, 2014

Number of participants : 10- 12 persons

Training Facility: National Archives of Suriname




The training ‘Digitization in Practice:  Fundamental technical and quality requirements for a digitization project’ is part of the MIGAN project for a standardize image of the collections of the MIGAN partners. 


At the end of the workshop, attendants should be able to:

  • Understand the terms that the technical quality of digitization must meet;
  • Have better insight into the entire digitization workflow, and technical performance of different recording;
  • Manage digitize archives in a sustainable and reliable way;
  • Gain knowledge about hardware and software of digitizing. 

Scope and content:

The explanation of the conditions which digitizing images for preservation should meet, like criteria of descriptions, technical, content, hardware, and software. As a result these guidelines will meet the international standards of preservation imaging.


The three-day workshop will cover:

Day 1:  Wednesday February 26

Welcome (organizers, participants, trainers)

  • Trainer introduction;
  • Participants introduction: overview of their collections, of their digitization expectations and overview of their knowledge in the digitization process;
  • Training program presentation. 

1.  Design Digitization space

2.  Explanation Digitizing hardware and software

2.1.  ICAM Archive System

2.2.  Camera:

  • Basic Operation
  • Auto Focus Function
  • Exposure Modes

2.3.  Software PhaseOne

  • System Requirements
  • Main Window Overview (Basic toolbar functions)
  • Organizing Images
  • White Balance Settings
  • Exposure Settings
  • Focus and Sharpness Settings
  • Color Manangement Settings
  • Processing Images 

Day 2: Thursday February 27 

3.  Preparing digitizing:

  • Completeness
  • Sequence
  • Quality
  • File Naming 

4.  Digitizing test phase:

  • Applying Kodak Gray Scale Settings
  • Applying X-rite Color Checker Settings
  • Applying Scanner SFR & OEC #2 Settings  

Day 3:  Friday February 28

5. Producing digitize objects:

  • Take a Photograph
  • Cropping
  • Align objects
  • Rotation
  • Processing (Tiff format) 

Day 4: Saturday March 1

Complementary Fieldtrip


Language : English 

Target audience : Imaging lab staff members of the partner institutions of the MIGAN project 

Pre-requisites for attendants:

*Basic knowledge of digital imaging

*Good proficiency in using a PC

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